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A powerful yet affordable telephone system –  scalable from 8-896 users in any business environment

The SV9100 is a unique communication solution for 8-896 users.
Its expandability means it can work at any level, from a technically superb phone system, to a truly advanced unified communications platform.
Business performance is improved significantly by making an entire workforce more reachable wherever they are based.
The SV9100 creates ‘360-degree communication’ meaning that it encompasses fixed, mobile
and converged communication such as e-mail, Presence and Instant Messaging.

The Small or Medium Sized Office - enormous scalability means your phone system can grow with your business. Includes productivity and efficiency tools that are usually associated with more expensive large corporate systems.
The Call Centre - powerful call management software ensures customer service levels, and your workforce, are optimised at all times.
The Branch Office - the unique Netlink feature allows multiple systems to operate as one.
The Homeworker - the latest VoIP technology ensures costs are minimised, and access to system features are maximised.
The Mobile Worker - whether on-site or out in the field users will be able to stay in touch as easily as if they were in the office. One number will find you everywhere. Also reduce costs with Voice over WiFi, allowing you to make and receive calls on your smartphone or NEC cordless handset over WiFi.
Hotels & Hospitality - a range of specific features that will both enhance a guest’s experience, as well as improving staff efficiency.
Healthcare Environments - simplified communications means improved response times and more time to spend with patients.
Specialised Professions - legal and finance professions will benefit from features such as effortless and secure call recording.
Protect any type of business - against phone hacking with an embedded application that will notify you and give you options for controlling the system if a routing rule has been broken.

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