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For the supply, installation and maintenance of modern telephone systems and equipment; VOIP; Voicemail; CAT 5/6 Cabling Services; CCTV; Call Centre Services

Client Comment
"First4coms provided an excellent cost effective service in replacing our old existing telephone system" Robin Bennett, ailment Director - Mobenn Hire Services Ltd, Cheltenham
Panasonic KX-TES 824 Print E-mail
Panasonic KX-TES A small/medium sized system featuring caller number display & message handling capability
  • Supports 3 Analogue Exchange Lines (minimum configuration)
  • Supports 8 Extensions (can be any combination of feature, ordinary or cordless telephones)
  • Supports Door Phone/Opener, Music On Hold, Paging
  • Supports Fax (and or) Answer Machine as extension
  • Optional - can support upto 8 Analogue Exchange Lines
  • Optional - can support upto 24 Extensions
  • Optional - can support Voice Messaging Card
  • Optional - can support 'auto attendant' operation
  • Optional - can support DISA (allows callers to dial an extension directly after guidance message)
  • Optional - can support routing Faxes automatically
  • Optional - can support 'Calling Number Display'